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LUS Brands: FREE SHIPPING TO CAN & US | $75 USD+.Your cart is currently empty..By curly-haired women for curly-haired women..Sharing real results from real women..Love Ur Curls | Love Ur Self | Love Each Other..As curly-haired women, we understand the lifelong struggle in trying to find products that just work...High quality products that will last you a lot longer than anything else you've ever tried! Our motto is "less is more" - use LESS product, get MORE results..Steps 1 & 2 (Cleanse & Condition) work beautifully with all curl types. Just adjust the amount used for your curl texture and length!..Posted on June 20 2019.Posted on June 13 2019.Posted on May 30 2019.Let's stay in touch!.Copyright © 2019 LUS Brands.Search our store

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