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LISNR: LISNRĀ® powers seamless payment experiences, connecting the online to offline customer journey with the most advanced Ultrasonic Data Platform. This is achieved via a secure and scalable software solution that sends micro-communications using sound between devices on standard speakers and microphones..Tap each card below to learn more..Implement and execute across all operating systems and devices, allowing for advantages in cross-device flexibility..Detection range depends on audio type, amplitude/volume, and power. Sound surpasses the physical limitations of short-range radio based protocols..Seamless and consistent consumer experience, regardless of the operating system or manufacturer of the consumer's device..LISNR can be transmitted using standard speakers and microphones. This bypasses the cost disadvantages of RF-based protocols..Tap each card below to learn more..Our technology can support industry standard security/encryption methods. Locally generate tones on devices and send encrypted data creating secure communication between devices..We use tone and data type optimization techniques to ensure a seamless and consistent connectivity experience for diverse operating syste...

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LISNR founded in 2012.