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Kyso: Study about gun ownership, number of death cause by a firearm and GDP, top 10 exporters and importer....An analysis of over 60,000 IMDB feature films, looking at ratings and votes over time and at the rel....Visualizing the statistical relationship between income and net worth using Federal Data.Visualizing the Debt-to-GDP ratios of all countries to show how growth and record-low interest rates....Visualizing how our dating patterns have changed over time.An analysis of both IMDB and Google Trend data for the Chernobyl tv series..Looking at the minimum required annual income for a family of four across different US states and ho....Analyzing overeducation in the UK for various demographics.Plotly animation mapping out the share of country populations with no formal eduction, including to-....Mapping where billionaires tend to migrate and the density of wealth in cities across the world..Plotting out global average temperatures since the Industrial Revolution.Visualizing world happiness for the Data is Beautiful DataViz Battle.Visualizing the increasing spread between corporate and labor PAC contributions over time.Visualization of the legal age around the world, quantity & type of ...

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