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Kinetic: KINETIC REFLEX is a smart wearable that reduces the incidence of workplace injuries. REFLEX automatically detects high-risk postures and provides workers with feedback whenever high-risk motions occur. Over time, workers can use REFLEX to improve their biomechanics, resulting in fewer injuries and improved well-being..Improper biomechanics lead to back injuries, strains and sprains, which have become the most frequent and costly injuries at industrial workplaces. REFLEX reduces risk by teaching your workers to use good biomechanics. The result? Companies that have piloted with KINETIC have reduced unsafe postures by 34-84%, which means your workers are less likely to experience an injury..The KINETIC dashboard can show you how many high-risk postures your workforce is performing, and where your biggest sources of risk are coming from. Coaching workers with their personalized data is a breeze, and you can easily identify opportunities to improve the design of your work processes.

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