Kickpay finances inventory. Small businesses can now pay for goods after they make a sale, not before.
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Kickpay: Kickpay is changing how companies making physical products finance inventory and growth..Pay for inventory only after you sell it.Kickpay reviews your sales history.Kickpay pays you or your manufacturer directly for your inventory.For each sale you make, Kickpay is automatically paid for units sold.Built specifically for physical product businesses to scale.Make sure you have all the inventory you can sell.Spend more on sales and marketing to increase sales.Invest more in upcoming product lines.Use liquid capital to attract the best talent.Sleep easy at night.Get capital with newly formed businesses.Only pay for goods when you make a sale.We underwrite each SKU individually, maximizing your financing amount.Kickpay Inc. 424 Clay St. San Francisco, CA 94111

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