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Kepler Communications: Integrate our satellite connectivity solutions into your global operations and communicate like never before. From small sensors to large oceanography vessels. Wideband - Narrowband - Pole-to-Pole Network.Passenger ships and ferries Dry cargo vessels Tankers Service vessels.Offshore oil & gas rigs Mining Seafloor mapping.Research stations Oceanography Autonomous weather stations Seismic stations.Coast guard Reconnaissance Military outposts.Shipping containers Cargo wagons.Unrivaled bandwidth. Unbelievable prices. PolarConnectTM is a satellite connectivity solution specific for the poles, offering organizations a new way of staying connected at the Earth's extremes..Global Data ServiceTM gives organizations the ability to optimize the use of their satellite bandwidth by routing delay tolerant data over an economic store-and-forward link..everywhereIOTTM provides a cellular-quality and standardized connection for Internet of Things devices through a globally available satellite service. From cities, to villages, to the ocean, and everywhere in between Kepler's solution will ensure smart devices will connect with a single service provider..Kepler Communications announces today that fo...

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