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Keeper: Save $1000s a year by claiming tax write offs available to you as an independent contractor. Keeper makes it fun!.As an independent contractor, when you take an Uber ride to a work event that’s considered tax deductible business transportation..It would be hard to do any kind of independent contracting work without a phone. You can deduct part of your phone cost..When you grab lunch with a friend or a coworker and discuss work, that’s considered a business meal and is partially deductible..Keeper monitors your credit card and bank transactions for tax deductible expenses..When we find one, we’ll text you..At tax time, import your tax write offs into TurboTax, H&R Block, or any other online tax filing solution..It adds up fast. On average, Keeper subscribers find an additional $2,310 in tax savings per year..Whenever we help you fetch a tax write off, we take a 5% cut of the resulting tax savings..Both! Most messages are automated, but we also assign a certified public accountant (CPA) to your account who monitors your file and jumps in if needed..Only if it makes you happy! Bank statements constitute a completely IRS-compliant record system for most expenses. Read more about the re...

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