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Kapta: It’s time that your clients call you a strategic partner, not just another vendor. With Kapta, make sure you don’t lose the accounts you’ve worked so hard to get..of revenue comes from existing customers, not new ones..Yet most companies still focus on chasing new customers. They don’t realize that you should put more resources behind the bigger revenue source: your existing accounts. That’s where Kapta comes in..– Brent Longval,Marketing Architects.Let’s be honest. Most companies don’t realize they need Key Account Management Software until it’s too late. Don’t let that be you. We built Kapta to help you coach, advise and mentor clients in a way that makes you more than “just a vendor.”.20% of clients drive 80% of revenue. Kapta helps you focus on those 20% so you invest your resources properly. We empower you to serve your existing clients and grow those accounts by connecting the dots they may not see on their own..You can’t be everywhere at once. But with Kapta, we give you visibility and coaching so your team is operating more efficiently. From status updates to client health scores, you’ll never be in the dark again..Don’t just walk in your customer’s shoes; run in them. Kapt...

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