Jumpcut creates captivating online courses. Online education today is fundamentally broken. Less than 10% of people who start an online course today finish it -- a completion rate that is unacceptable to us.
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Jumpcut: Featuring Y Combinator CEOs, Billion-Dollar Company Founders, & Social Media Influencers with Millions of Fans..We help entrepreneurs launch businesses leveraging the latest trends and technology. Like starting a successful YouTube channel with advanced viral marketing strategies. Or building digital products that almost sell themselves. Ready to make the leap?.Choose your own path in life..Learn how to start a successful YouTube channel from 7 of the world’s biggest influencers..Package your knowledge into digital products that sell themselves with advanced marketing automation..Discover the secret psychology of viral content that works like magic on any social media platform..Warning: May cause massive motivation..Baking Cakes For Over 2.5 Million People On YouTube..90K Monthly.May 2016 - Nov 2018.From the Brink of Failure to Multilingual YouTube Star..20K Monthly.Aug 2017 - Dec 2018.From Starving Artists to Full-Time YouTube Musicians Making $1,900 Per Video..3K Monthly.Dec 2016 - Nov 2018.This 20 Year Old YouTuber Makes Over $150,000 Annually With His Hilarious Fashion Reviews..18K Monthly.Oct 2016 - Nov 2018.DIY YouTuber Destroys her Business School Debt With Viral Beauty Hack...

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