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Jopwell: Become a Jopwell partner..Get perspectives, resources, and advice from leaders in our community via The Well, our digital magazine..Connect with America’s leading companies and fellow members of the Jopwell community..Explore and apply for jobs and internships. Jopwell will let you know about opportunities and serve as your personal referral to ensure your application is reviewed..We referred them. They did the rest..The opportunity Jopwell provided – from emailing me about available roles related to my interests to exposing me to the atmosphere and the company overall – helped me navigate, stay on top of deadlines, and calm my nerves throughout the application process. This is the best career resource by far..SOFTWARE ENGINEER , ADOBE.Jopwell kept me updated with opportunities I could apply for, provided me with the information about the requirements needed to be considered, and gave me the chance to speak with recruiters at Fidelity. It’s a great resource for people of color and has become my no. 1 tool to look for opportunities..SUMMER INTERN , FIDELITY INVESTMENTS.I wouldn’t have explored this opportunity had I not come across it on Jopwell. The platform gave me the extra push ...

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