Growth Marketing Platform for Cross-Channel Customer Engagement – Iterable
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Iterable: An integrated, cross-channel platform—built for marketers, trusted by engineers, designed with intelligence..Series C investment will accelerate adoption of growth marketing platform.Announcing the Iterable Intelligence Suite. Using our proprietary algorithms, we analyze each user’s digital body language to optimize the best time, channel and frequency to engage them for fully automated goal-driven marketing..Learn More.Send Time Optimization: Automatically determine the best time for customer engagement and conversion gleaned through your users’ behavioral and event data..Channel Optimization: Identify and designate the specific digital messaging channels your users are most likely to engage and convert with..Frequency Optimization: Using real-time interaction data, cap channel-by-channel messaging loads and safely send campaigns without risking channel fatigue..Activate consumer attention and interest with stand-out content that makes an impactful first impression..Get new customers acquainted with your products and services with personalized welcome, trial and onboarding campaigns..Captivate customers to build rapport for the long termand strengthen their relationship with your...

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