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Instabeat: Your shopping cart is empty!.Instabeat gives you real-time heart rate feedback, automatic stroke detection, and a whole new way to beat your best.Instabeat's heart rate display breaks your workout into three intervals: * Blue for fat burning * Green for fitness * Red for maximum performance Watch the colors change on the google display and adjust your workout instantly - no more waiting for the end of a rep..Know your best so you can beat it.Instabeat converts your goggles into.Make the most of your session with real-time heart rate feedback.No chest belt, no watch. Instabeat’s featherweight, ultra-low profile is designed to fit most goggles.Automatic stroke recognition, lap count, and more.Insights from the app analysis help you adapt and improve your training.Instabeat is the only device with an accurate heart rate sensor that shows you visual real-time feedback of your effort while you swim..maximize your workout without overexerting.monitor your performance the way you never could before.track your improvement and beat your best.Swimming is universal.Read our story.$132.00.NEWSLETTER.Copyright © 2019 Instabeat. All rights reserved.

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