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Inscribe: Inscribe’s API detects fraudulent documents so you can trust your customers and grow faster..Inscribe evaluates your documents for signs of fraud using forensic analysis, proprietary fraud databases, and document corroboration algorithms..Lenders use Inscribe to evaluate bank statements, tax forms, employer offer letters, and invoices before approving a loan or line of credit..Insurers use Inscribe to evaluate mechanic invoices, medical notes, damage assessments, and asset information before paying out a claim..Marketplaces use Inscribe to evaluate utility bills, certificates, and insurance policies to give users peace of mind that the other party—whether a buyer or seller—is legitimate..Government agencies, landlords, and cryptocurrency exchanges also all use Inscribe to evaluate documents..Evaluate more customer documents and remove your processing bottleneck..Detect more fraudulent documents and reduce human error with our advanced data forensics methods..Make decisions faster than your competitors while exceeding existing accuracy levels..Reduce time spent evaluating documents using our machine-based solution..We follow strict compliance and data privacy policies to ensure your...

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Software Engineer Internship (Detection Systems) Dublin, Ireland @ Inscribe

Software Engineer Dublin, Ireland @ Inscribe

Software Engineer (Detection Systems) Dublin, Ireland @ Inscribe