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Inokyo: Reduce theft, improve margins, and increase customer engagement with a cashier-less checkout experience..Kiosk is an AI powered retail experience your customers will love. Check-in, shop and walk out. Eliminate lines and deliver the convenience your customers have come to expect with e-commerce..Give your store the technological foundation necessary to move fast and stay relevant. Capture more transactions during peak periods and reclaim sales lost to long lines. All this, with a 10% improvement in margins and a store that operates 24/7..Our solution is up to 99% accurate guaranteeing a flawless experience for both you and your customers..Sentry keeps track of what customers and staff have taken and what they have paid for in real time. We help you prevent theft..Inokyo deploys security cameras to keep track of any item without additional sensors or RFID tagging. All items are tracked no matter the size or shape. With this tracking technology, Inokyo Sentry flags and archives all suspicious activities. The system even diligently sounds the alarm and notifies staff against active theft attempts..We focus on helping you eliminate shrinkage without compromising any part of the retail ...

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