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InnaMed: InnaMed.Home.About.Products.Partners.Opportunities.Contact.More.© 2017 by InnaMed, Inc..Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.InnaMed is developing a comprehensive care management platform...Our team is developing an at-home blood testing device and remote monitoring software that enable patients to easily communicate quantitative and qualitative health assessments from home. The collected data feeds into algorithms that detect deterioration early and guide treatment decisions, improving outcomes and reducing costs. We are focusing on chronic conditions starting with heart failure, kidney failure and post-transplant care...We provide insights for payers, health systems, skilled nursing facilities and pharmaceutical companies. Reach out below to learn more..This device would become a routine part of our remote assessment of patients. It is absolutely an unmet need right now...-Chief of Cardiology, WA.This would be a powerful tool and would enable a ‘complete solution’ for patient management...-Medical Director, PA.Your cardiorenal panel is what I would want to follow the most frequently for my heart failure patients – no doubt about it. This is exactly what we need right now...-Cardiologist, M...

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