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InfluxData: InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 now in beta – access it first by signing up now!.InfluxDB is easy to start and easy to scale; purpose-built and optimized for time to awesome..Learn more.Acting on time series data is easy with InfluxDB — deep insights for unified metrics and events..Learn more.Capture and analyze untapped data from virtual and physical assets to seize new opportunities..Learn more.InfluxDB databases running right now.developers are calling InfluxDB right now.Hit your most demanding SLAs and deliver improved experiences..“InfluxDB Cloud is providing improved visibility across areas where we previously couldn’t see, allowing us to proactively identify and fix issues before customers find them.”.Sanket Naik VP of Cloud Operations and Security • Coupa.“InfluxDB is a high-speed read and write database. So think of it. The data is being written in real-time, you can read in real-time, and when you’re reading it, you can apply your machine learning model. So, in real-time, you can forecast, and you can detect anomalies.”.Rajeev Tomer Sr. Manager of Data Engineering • Capital One.“Measurements help us make educated, data-driven decisions quickly. They are what keeps us in business. It d...

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