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Impraise: Impraise is a performance management solution that allows you to utilize real-time feedback, check-ins, reviews, and goals to develop your people..As you scale you need to simplify processes while ensuring the successful culture you’ve built doesn’t get diluted..Deliver value to people by making goals, reviews, and check-ins easy to set up and easy to participate..Explore the most common business challenges we see and the strategies we recommend to overcome them..Press to open a video player.Our software is simple to set up and easy to use. Allowing you to create a performance management process that drives a culture of feedback by putting people in the driver’s seat of their professional development. So, you can focus on achieving business objectives and retaining your best people..Our dedicated team of HR and change management experts support you to define, set up, and bring your custom-fit people enablement strategy to life..The average Impraise customer benefits from up to a 35% increase in engagement and up to a 20% increase in retention¹.We understand that culture change doesn’t happen overnight. From performance reviews and real-time feedback to goal management and employee ...

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