Connect your product to hotel data in minutes. Securely read from and write to many hotel systems using one powerful, well-documented JSON API.
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Impala: Securely read from and write to many hotel property management systems using one powerful, well-documented JSON API..Connect your app to our Test Hotel in minutes, and connect to real hotels in days, not weeks..One easy-to-understand, universal REST API to connect to many hotel systems..Impala uses bank-grade security, is fully GDPR-compliant and uses geographically diverse hosting..We’re connecting your app to hotel data by integrating with a growing number of property management systems, so you don't have to. We're continuously adding hotel systems, so you can sell to a wider range of hotels every month..Modern hotel technology needs complete data and that's what Impala provides, seamlessly and in both directions. Whether you need to read guest information, write a new transaction or receive an update on a rate change, the Impala API provides a full range of data..Command Line Software, Ltd is a registered money service business (NMLS ID: 1574869).© Command Line Software, Ltd 2016 - 2019. All rights reserved.

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