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IOpipe: The only serverless tooling offering real-time visibility into the most granular behaviors of your application.Get a detailed look at what your code is doing, while it runs, for lightning fast debugging and iterating..Discover issues before your users notice. Fix problems without having to dig through log files ever again..Find out what’s slowing down your functions..More.Notify your team when functions start to misbehave..More.See exactly what your code is doing, line by line..More.Principal Engineer, Matson.Senior Software Development Manager, Rackspace.Head of Software Development, WineDirect.$ npm install @iopipe/iopipe.// Integrate IOpipe.const iopipe = require('@iopipe/iopipe')();.function run(event, context) {.context.succeed('Hello world!');.}.// Wrap your function when you export it.exports.handler = iopipe(run);.©2018 IOpipe - Observability for AWS Lambda.Advanced Technology Partner

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