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Hyperpad: Create mobile games or media rich interactive apps like books, prototypes, and more with no coding..Import custom graphics, drag and drop behaviors, and then submit to the App Store!.Import form your favorite tools like photoshop. hyperPad supports the most popular images, animations, fonts, and audio formats..Bring your assets to life using visual behaviours instead of code. Connect actions to events to create a simple flow of logic that’s easy to follow..Make money by selling your app in the App Store, or integrate ads. Within seconds you can implement banners or full screen ads through the iAd and Admob networks..Track how people are using your app by adding your Google Analytics tracking ID. Automatically track the progress between scenes, or create custom events to track specific points in your project..Explore the hyperPad Hub to see what other people are working on or share your project with the world. Get feedback, recognition, and collaborate with users around the world..Access our community forums, in-depth documentation, video tutorials, and articles to learn the ins and outs of hyperPad. If you’re stuck feel free to email the hyperPad team directly, or pick up the phone...

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