Hydrologistics Africa

World's first Virtual water Network Operator. | HydroIQ | Nairobi
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Hydrologistics Africa: Home.Product.About.Partners.Contact.Blog.More....Take control of your water..Monitor consumption on your phone.Pay only for what you use.Receive Alerts when your water is low.Pre-Pay your water with mobile money.Detect Leaks in real time..Get Real Time Data on water consumption.Receive alerts whenever leaks happen.Automate Payment Collection.Smart connected meters for remote Water metering and control.Data platform for analytics, Leaks detection & alerts.Pay conveniently using mobile money.Monitor & Control usage.50% of the water supplied by utilities in Africa is lost before reaching the consumer due to leakages..2/3 of the world population could be living in water stressed conditions by 2025 according to UN.45% of potential revenue is lost due to poor infrastructure and poor bill payment.Two founders on a mission to revolutionize access and distribution of water in Africa. Brian & Victor are entrepreneurs from Kenya, inspired by their experiences living in the capital Nairobi, with the goal of bringing access to water through technology..Build the world's first Virtual Water Network Operator (VWNO) using disruptive technologies to bring value & visibility in each drop of water..H...

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