Hull - Real-time Customer Data Platform for B2B SaaS
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Hull: 🚀 We're hiring, check out our careers page to join our team!.Hull's identity resolution creates a unified customer view from all your data. It's the always up-to-date source of truth for every person and company..Sync your tools, backend SQL databases, 3rd party APIs, webhooks, and click-tracking in real-time. Hull can import any customer data at any scale without limitations..Transform & cleanse customer data with plain JavaScript with Processor..Query & segment your entire customer database in real-time..Enrich customer profiles & accounts with any 3rd party data..Changes in Hull sync to all connected tools instantly. Use the Hull API to fetch customer data AND subscribe to changes in real-time..Hull "Kraken" uses advanced backpressure and batching techniques to ensure data is synchronized efficiently, reliably, and quickly to all your destination tools and APIs..Use consistent, up-to-date data across all your tools to orchestrate your perfect customer journey and experience end-to-end..Hull syncs your attributes, events and segments to your favorite tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, and Facebook Audiences..Whitelist segments to sync, select and map which attributes and ...

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