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Hom.ma: HOMMA is a group of home builders, architects, designers and developers. We design "home" — the universal sense of comfort, security and belonging. Our solutions make homes more accessible, more efficient and more in tune with their inhabitants..Our understanding of the psychology of human happiness and well-being has come a long way in recent years. It’s more about meaning than things — the specifics are a bit different for everyone. Yet little has changed to incorporate what we now know about ourselves in how we design and build our homes. We’re changing that..At the same time, the housing system — from zoning laws to mortgages — hasn’t kept pace with the ongoing rush of urbanization. Demand for high-quality homes far outstrips supply in many areas. We don’t think anyone should have to spend every-weekend-of-their-life-for-two-years looking for a home. So, we’re working on changing that too..At HOMMA, we see the opportunity to combine technological and architectural innovations to optimize our use of increasingly limited resources in the home — from construction materials to water to our time and attention..A form of planes and angles. A system of people, objects and tasks. A pla...

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