Heroic Labs

Heroic Labs builds Nakama - an open-source social and realtime server for games and apps. It includes a large set of services for users, data storage, and realtime client/server communication; as well as specialized APIs like realtime multiplayer, groups/guilds, and chat.
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Heroic Labs: Nakama powers some of the most popular brands and games in the world. It is being used to power games and apps for millions of users worldwide..View benchmarks ↦.Multi-server clustering technology based on cutting edge research into gossip protocols and replicated data types..Nakama Enterprise ↦.Nakama is a fast, realtime, extensible, open-source server built to power games and apps. It does not depend on any external services..Wherever you choose to deploy the server you have full control over the database and the data will always belong to you..Nakama is designed to cluster for simple scale out and uses in-memory replicated data types with dotted version vectors..Use built-in social graph for friends and groups, add social login and build your own community of engaged users. Learn more.Users can chat with each other 1-on-1, as part of a group, and in chat rooms. Chat messages are optionally persisted if the user is not online. Learn more.Based on a realtime binary protocol, you can build modern engaging realtime multiplayer matches. Nakama comes with a built-in matchmaker. Learn more.Nakama allows you to build turn based games. Use notifications to keep players engaged as their t...

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