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Helion: Fusion is what powers our sun and environment. Other renewables, like wind and solar, indirectly harness the fusion energy of the sun. At Helion, we directly create fusion energy and Helium 3 to generate clean electricity that is reliable and extremely low cost, fundamentally distributed, and does not have the geopolitical concerns of traditional grid-scale power sources. Learn More about Fusion Energy..The technology and engineering required for net-production fusion finally exists. But the big government projects have either stalled or have spent billions of dollars chasing difficult-to-commercialize solutions. By combining our years of experience in fusion, newly available electronics technologies, and a revolutionary design using cutting-edge physics, Helion is making a generator 1,000 times smaller, over 500 times cheaper, and realizable 10 time faster than other approaches..We are a proven team of American entrepreneurs and scientists who are making fusion happen right now. The Helion team has designed and built award-winning technology and fusion prototypes many experts in the field consider the most promising approach to commercial production. Helion Energy is backed by a w...

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