Revolutionise your recruitment pipeline: Diversity recruiting software from Headstart
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Headstart: Leverage the pioneering data science that underpins Headstart to guarantee that you match the right applicants with the right skills for your business - quickly, easily, and without prejudice..Harness the powerful automation tools and predictive analytics native to Headstart and streamline your recruitment process - from application screening to skill matching to candidate selection - and enable your team to make data-driven and objective hiring decisions..Unleash the machine learning capabilities core to Headstart on your business to identify the traits, values, and skills that matter most to your success and select the right players for your team - regardless of gender, ethnic status, sexual orientation or age..Diversity in large organizations is more than a nice idea, and requires more than just good intentions..Broaden your talent pool..Screen with fairness and objectivity..Isolate bias at each stage of your pipeline..Screen high volumes in seconds, with machine learning models designed for your unique requirements. Automate pipelines to reduce time to hire, whilst increasing diversity in your talent pool..Make screening accessible for all candidates and stay connected to your ...

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