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Handfleet: You will have money-savings due to lower insurance costs. Using our alarm systems may qualify you for lower deductibles. Our alarm system is recognized by law enforcement agencies to reduce theft..We have thought of every possible way to protect your fuel tanks..We force the driver to follow specific steps to open the cargo area, ensuring your vehicle and cargo area secure whether stopped or in motion..Sent to the mobile application, or as SMS or email.Alarm has an independent battery source located in a tamper proof enclosure. Motion sensitivity management eliminates the false alerts that plague most car alarms..All components are manufactured and designed especially to operate and withstand the harshest environments..The companion app is a fully featured truck management solution. Here you will see all the data about your vehicle. Where you are, where you have been, where did you stop, what speed you had. You will reveive also alerts and you can use the app to manage comunications with your central..A service for the truck companies, with our web monitoring platform you have a real time overview of the delivery network fleet and trigger alarms when trucks don't follow expected ro...

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