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Haiku: Animations are hard. Collaborating between designers and developers, even harder. Luckily for you, Haiku Animator lets you bring motion design to production, starting with your design tools and finishing with your codebase..With Timeline, choreograph animations in your designs visually. Sequence and animate elements using the built-in easing curves library, or finesse the details with the custom curve editor..You can also animate directly from code, using any code editor of your choice, or using Animator’s built-in Code mode..Add interactivity to your designs with Haiku's easy-to-use, beginner-friendly scripting tools..If you can write a spreadsheet formula, you can create interactions in Animator!.Animator delivers your animations to your codebase with convenient shareable links and embed instructions for different kinds of codebases..Want GIFs or videos instead of code? Lucky you, they're just an "Export" away..Haiku Animator is the premier solution for creating cross-platform UI animations, with iOS and Android rendering powered by Airbnb's open-source Lottie engine..*Lottie has certain limitations ..Design once, embed anywhere. Haiku animations work with all major browsers and ...

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