Grubbly Farms

Grubblies - A Nutritious Daily Snack for Chickens
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Grubbly Farms: A Nutritious Daily Snack for Happy, Healthy Chickens.FDA-Approved & 100% Grown in the USA.50x More Calcium than Mealworms.Packed with Protein.Grubblies are a nourishing daily snack for happy, healthy chickens..All natural, oven-dried grubs. *USA-Grown & FDA-Approved.50x more calcium than mealworms for higher quality eggs..Packed with protein for healthy feather growth..Safety first. Say goodbye to those mounds of “Made in China” mealworms and hello to a happier, healthier flock..Grubblies have 50x more calcium than mealworms for stronger, healthier eggs..Protein-rich Grubblies help your fluffy ones grow vibrant, strong feathers, essential for molting birds..My chickens and ducks love Grubblies. Every morning I give them greens for breakfast with a sprinkling of Grubblies. I feel much better knowing that they are made in the USA and not processed in China. My dogs love them too! -Cristina E. @masterjing ★★★★★.I’ve noticed a huge difference in my birds’ feathers, egg production and overall health. My birds’ feathers are so shiny, I receive endless compliments! Thank you Grubblies for what you do and your amazing team behind the company! We will forever be customers of yours! -Brittan...

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