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Gridwise: Features Partners Contact FAQ Blog.Earn More..Share More..Together..Gridwise helps rideshare drivers optimize their driving and earn 39% more per hour by sharing information with their fellow drivers..As featured in….If you've found yourself wondering….Gridwise has you covered!.Get to the airport when passengers are landing.Decide if it's a good time to go to the airport based on the number of arriving and departing passengers.Avoid crowded airport lots.Check community-contributed queues for all of the nearby airports.Eliminate downtime.Stay busy by finding popular events full of potential passengers.Analyze your performance.Track your earnings across all of the rideshare services you drive for.Custom alerts, flight details, performance reports, and more….Download Gridwise today for iOS or Android..Start earning more today!.Gridwise has been great for me. I now have a better idea when and where to drive and I'm earning at least $100 more a week because of it. If you are a rideshare driver, this is a must-have. Thanks!.Ellen D..Uber & Lyft Driver.I love how powerful yet simple it is. I love the ability to track my hours, miles, and earnings and see the weekly breakdown. Great for de...

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