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Greenshoe: Get Saida.Get Saida.Get Saida.Create a Saida account and answer a couple of questions so we get to know you!.Saida will check how you have been using your phone to make calls, sms, data and how you use mobile money services such as M-Pesa. Saida will notify you of the amount of money you can apply for..We'll send the loan to your M-Pesa account immediately and explain the repayment terms..No Paperwork, no queues or questions that Banks ask. Just download Saida anytime anywhere!.If we can offer you a loan, we will communicate it within 1 Hour. If we cannot, we will explain the reasons why.We have many happy and smiling faces to assist you with your questions and inquiries..“Loved it It took me exactly 10 mins to download and receive my first loan.”.Mudora.“A great app it is.. A revolutionary app that offers you easier,faster & very affordable credit/loan instantly.”.Josh.“Saida is approachable. It is kind of a pal that you can call and ask for a small loan...”.Wilson.“I can take care of emergencies within a click of my fingers”.Bwire.“I'm not worried about emergencies because I've got Saida”.Mabe.“Saida is fast,effective and doesnt have complications in applying,its simple and direc...

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