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GovPredict: Research, analytics, and actionable intelligence for winning public affairs campaigns.GP Research and Intelligence is the largest database of policy and political information in the world, and is curated for you..Our search tools allow you to craft a highly specific query. If you need to find all public statements on NAFTA by Congressmen in border states, that’s a click away. You can also find everybody lobbying on school choice, or all tax staffers working for Republican Ways and Means members. The possibilities are endless..Moneyball is the most complete database of campaign contributions in the world. We cover all federal campaigns, all state campaigns, and all major local campaigns. 527 organizations are covered too..PACs use Moneyball to understand the political preferences of their membership..SuperPACs and Campaigns use Moneyball to conduct intensive donor research, sophisticated opposition research, and to win unprecedented insight into the mood of the country..Embassies use Moneyball to understand the political preferences of invited guests..Journalists use Moneyball to uncover the complete giving records during investigations, and to glean previously inaccessible insight ...

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