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Gorgias: Gorgias is a customer support helpdesk specially designed for Shopify stores.Customers contact you on multiple channels. With Gorgias, all your customer communication is in one place. All their conversation history is there. Simple..Gorgias pulls data from all your apps to display rich customer profiles next to tickets. Edit orders, subscriptions or refund payments from your helpdesk..60% of e-commerce support requests are repetitive. Set up automatic responses to “where is my order”, exchange questions, and more..Our response time dropped from 20 hours to 30 minutes. Signing up with Gorgias was definitely the best decision!.Made the switch from Zendesk and haven't looked back. The team is super responsive, and helpful. Platform is straightforward..Thanks to Gorgias' intuitive interface and integrations, our small team is able to scale up while providing a high level of support..Now that we've switched to Gorgias, what would usually take me a minute now only takes a few seconds..We absolutely love Gorgias! It has changed the way that we have done Customer Service. It saves us so much time and effort..Gorgias gives us a holistic view of our customers. This way, we can provide them w...

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