Goodly delivers student loan assistance as a benefit, allowing companies of all sizes to recruit and retain talent.
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Goodly: Goodly automates student loan repayment for just $6/month per participant..prefer student loan benefits over 401(k) contribution.We help employers attract top talent, reduce attrition, and improve employee engagement. Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500, we'll help you provide a benefit to accelerate your employees' financial wellness..86% of employees say they’d stay with a company at least 5 years with this benefit..53% of candidates would consider a salary cut for this benefit..Women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community are burdened with higher student loan debt..With this benefit, missed payments and default become a worry of the past..By contributing on top of employees’ monthly payments, you can help them avoid compounding interest..Employees can reduce their payment periods by 30%..We support companies of all sizes and budgets. Enrollment costs just $6/month per participant, with no setup fee or minimum enrollment..Our student loan specialists will help you set up a plan that fits your business..Goodly connects with popular payroll providers to automatically process contributions..Employees add their own information and manage their student loan accounts..Goodly h...

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