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GoalShouter: With GoalShouter you can tell the story of your games and create special content for your fans, bringing them with you wherever you go..Explore our incredible smartphone app..With our iPhone and Android App, you can easily report everything that happens on the field. From there you can instantly create a live professional-quality live coverage with rich graphic content, statistical reports, and much more!.It's easy to trace each move of the game and customise your game comments.Choose which events to share with your fans on the social network you select.Your fans can add your profile to their favorites and follow all of your live coverages.Who's the best player on the field? Ask your fans to vote!.It's easy to trace each move of the game and customise your game comments.All main content produced with GoalShouter can be automatically shared on your Facebook and Twitter feeds! Customise the graphics with logos and wallpapers. Add your sponsors to share your successes with them and increase their visibility..GoalShouter is proud to give a voice to soccer lovers and fans like us!.It made the game's story more compelling because we could share images and comments from many connected fan...

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