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Product info See Spinnakr in Action. Request a demo today!.Top Innovator Award Winner.“This is going to change marketing forever.”.Top 10 Fastest Growing Web Tools.We discover real-time opportunities and trends in your web traffic and alert you when it's important..Analytics can be fun, simple and beautiful. We deliver you a clean list of insights about important news for your site..We let you instantly deploy messaging to your website targeted at any segment of visitors we identify..Mentioned in a top industry blog? Get those visitors to sign up with a discount offer..When a review on a Spanish site sends traffic your way, welcome them en español..Get notified when discussion boards send traffic so you can join the conversation..Share important insights with colleagues to keep you team data driven in real time..When a crisis hits, we alert you and enabled targeted follow up minimizing brand damage..We find the relevant context from events to get you to insights without the work..We spot job seekers, and make it easy to redirect them directly to your careers page..We keep tabs on all the important trends so you're never waiting on your data team..We detect where a visitor is more likely to shar...

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