Ambient, ASMR, Meditations, Hypnosis scripts for boost productivity
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GetFlow: GetFlow is provides high-quality ambient sounds, meditations, ASMR, and custom hypnosis scripts to help you focus while working, relieve anxiety, helps you to boost productivity, or just to relax while reading or before going to sleep. You can create a custom focus atmosphere by mixing sounds. You’re working from an open office, have loud coworkers, and can’t focus? You’re working or studying from home or in a library and nothing gets you motivated? You’re continuously traveling on a plane or train and need a quick power nap? GetFlow can make your life a little easier and keeps you sane during long office hours or intense study sessions. Work in sessions with our Timer and enjoy our distraction-free Text Editor. GetFlow is your little helper and companion no matter if you need to focus, tune out other noises or if you want to have a moment of calm and relax. With our advanced Timer you can take advantage of efficient time management methods such as working in sessions. This can help you to be more efficient while preventing burnout. Timer and sounds work together: the sounds will stop when the time is up. You can choose if you want the sound to gently stop or if you wan...

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