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Get Lighthouse: Lighthouse helps you motivate your team, and prevent turnover, by helping you focus on the most important thing: Your People Start your free trial.Gallup studies show that only 1 in 3 employees are engaged. Even worse, over 50% of people have quit a job specifically to get away from their manager..Is it any surprise that 69% of managers are afraid to talk to their teams?.Lighthouse makes it easy to invest in each of your people, and be the awesome manager that gets recognized & promoted..We’ve studied the best, so you can manage like them. We applied workplace research from Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, and best practices from great leaders like Andy Grove, Peter Drucker, Ben Horowitz, Marissa Mayer, and Reid Hoffman..Great 1 on 1s are the single best tool for managers to boost morale and get the most from their teams, but many managers waste them. Lighthouse’s software helps you get beyond status updates to awesome, motivating meetings:.NEW! Manage other managers? Lighthouse now helps you organize and make the most of your Skip Level 1 on 1's, too..Study after study from Deloitte, Gallup, and others, show growth & development is the #1 perk that employees want, yet few are getting i...

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