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Geospiza: We believe all communities, regardless of size and financial resources, should have access to data-driven tools that reduce risk and enhance whole community resilience..The evidence is clear - our community’s most vulnerable members suffer disproportionately in disaster. It’s not because we don’t care, but because we lack access to actionable data and tools to ensure we deliver the best help to the right people at the right time..Use geospatial visualization to identify the location of those who are most vulnerable to disaster and why..Our vulnerability model provides robust decision-making support, integrating proprietary and jurisdiction data..Geospiza facilitates intervention targeting and tracking, so you can focus attention on actions being taken..Make reporting simple with our easy to use drag and drop feature. Our workflow automation helps deliver the best outcomes possible..Geospiza is helping me take community risk reduction to an all new level. With their help we are targeting the areas of our city most in need of our resources. From free smoke detectors to public education we can use the data that they have compiled to focus our limited resources in the most efficient ma...

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