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Geosite: Geosite is a comprehensive cloud-based repository and management tool for geospatial data such as satellite imagery, internet of things (IoT), and drone mapping..Our streamlined platform combines data from tracking & monitoring systems to help users eliminate the need to correlate information in their heads. Additionally, the vast amount of imagery and resources that is included will allow your teams to accurately scout and observe construction planned versus actual. We have official partnerships with Planet and DigitalGlobe (with others forthcoming) to ensure we can provide data as your company needs it, from satellite and drone imagery to road conditions and drilling data..Energy.With the proliferation of satellites and distributed sensors (IOT), we are at a juncture of immense opportunity for O&G exploration to reach an operational efficiency that was impossible only a few years ago. Geosite reduces risk by giving our customers access to the highest quality commercial satellite imagery - decreasing time to hydrocarbon and reducing trips to the field..Learn more..Defense.Geosite has contracts with the Air Force and Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to provide an intuitive and fl...

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