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Geopipe: Our machine learning algorithms understand raw sensor data like aerial photographs and laser scans, while our geographic pipeline extracts semantic information about what's in the world. The more data we have, the more accurate our system becomes..Whether you need a plain white massing for analysis or an immersive world for interaction, simulation, and rendering, Geopipe has you covered. Just choose the level of detail that's right for your application..No software to install or data to collect: just use the Geopipe ContextSnap interface to instantly download 3D models from cities around the world..Geopipe's models work in your favorite applications, from 3D design software to Game/VR engines like Unity and Unreal. We export mesh models in FBX, OBJ, DAE, OSG, and GLTF formats, among others..Architects and urban designers need to win bids, present to regulatory bodies, and emotionally connect with clients, using 3D visualizations. From massing and shadow studies to photorealistic renders, videos, walkthroughs, and VR experiences, architects need context models of the built world, and Geopipe provides customizable models that perfectly fit these needs..Game designers need models wher...

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