Freedom Audio

Drifter - The First Smart Portable Waterproof Speaker Designed for the Outdoors
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Freedom Audio: Your Cart is Empty.$ 219.95.Drifter is the World's First Smart Speaker! This speaker has an entire built-in operating system, allowing you to access, download, and play your music absolutely anywhere. Leave your phone at home, but never be apart from your music..Drifter's customized operating system allows you to download songs from your favorite music apps (like Spotify and Beats Music) and play music on the go. Drifter has built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and a 16 GB hard-drive to store your music and apps..Wi-Fi - Play music while at home through WiFi.Bluetooth - Pair your phone to Drifter like any normal portable speaker.Drifter OS - Drifter's internal operating system allows you to download songs right onto the device's storage.Touchscreen - Drifter has an easy to use touch screen that lets you interact with apps right on the device.Long Battery Life - Drifter will play for over 8 hours of straight use.Rugged - Drifter has a rugged design that can withstand any weather conditions.Waterproof - Drifter is completely waterproof (IPX-7) and floats.Portable - Drifter is under 6 inches in length and lighter then you would expect.Clips and Mounts - Drifter has carabiner clip hooks on both si...

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