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Fountain: Fountain brings hiring into one place so you can hire faster, whether your company is gig economy, franchise, or a small business..Built for the world's best multi-location franchise operators and on-demand companies. We increase recruiter efficiency by 400% and help you hire better people faster..Take your hiring to your phone with our new mobile app..With Fountain's automation abilities you can simply set your hiring preferences and requirements. Spend more time with candidates and less on scheduling interviews and finding applicants..Cynthia H..Nico R..Get an overview on how your hiring channels are performing and where to improve.Provide a quick and easy experience for your candidates with complete transparency..Fountain integrates with a wide variety of job boards, background check vendors, signature vendors and learning management systems. Streamline all your third-party vendors so you are optimized for efficiency!.Read our customer stories and how they're using Fountain to master hiring.How Cabify Recruits, Screens, and Educates a Global Workforce of Dedicated Professional Drivers.Fountain automates the engagement of delivery drivers to give Deliveroo a big advantage in a co...

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