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Forever Labs: Questions? Call us at (888) 344-8463.At Forever Labs, we bank your stem cells so you can live healthier, longer. Storing your stem cells with Forever Labs preserves them for future therapies that combat age-related disease, and perhaps aging itself..Stem cell banking offers a way to freeze our stem cells in time. We cryopreserve your cells so that the day your cells are thawed, they are effectively the same age as the day they were frozen. All that is needed to preserve this vital resource is a small sample of your bone marrow, or fat tissue after a liposuction. Each of us at Forever Labs has stored our stem cells. Feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to talk about it..A Forever Labs Physician will collect your stem cells in a one-time, out-patient procedure..Your stem cells are cryogenically frozen and safely stored in an FDA-compliant clinical-grade biorepository..Your stem cells are stored until you need them to combat age-related diseases with advanced therapies..Your stem cells replenish and support your blood, bone, immune system and other vital tissues and body systems. Research suggests the decline in the number and viability of stem cells plays a role in the physical...

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