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Footmarks: Smart . Simple . Secure.Scaleable context awareness you can trust.We are an Enterprise Location Data solution provider.The proximity data and context generated by our platform is used to enhance decision making by providing previously unavailable insights. With our smart solutions, you can track assets economically and at scale, provide better customer service by enhancing associates’ insights, and directly engage with customers at the right moment when purchasing decisions are being made..100% PRIVATE.100% YOURS.By enabling your app with our proximity SDK, our platform will detect ambient sensor data and geocoordinates and process this data using advanced location algorithms to discover insights for your company..Every ambient signal detected is processed by our experience engine, which determines the course of action whether that is to passively collect data, determine the location of an asset, collect additional intelligence or provide identity information..SDK INTEGRATED.CUSTOMER APP.SmartConnect’s solution allows retailers and brands to retarget customers who have shown interest in certain products.Using our self-contained asset tracking solution, you can scale your operations...

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