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Fond: Fond.Employee Engagement, Recognition, Rewards, Perks | FOND.TRUSTED BY:.Create a culture of recognition at your company by publicly acknowledging others for their milestones and accomplishments..Easily build custom service award catalogs for your employees, track work anniversaries, offer plaques and trophies, and more..Get the data you need and track your program performance, usage, redemption history, popular perks and rewards, and more..Access pre-negotiated corporate perks, like discounts on entertainment, fitness, and travel, with no additional effort for your company..Fond's easy-to-use and seamless platform enables all employees to quickly redeem corporate perks and rewards and send recognitions..Customize your Fond experience by creating unique recognition occasions and meaningful rewards tailored to your company..With Fond's inventory of thousands of items, experiences, and rewards, your employees have the power to choose exactly what they want..Review in-depth reporting on rewards and perks redemptions, adoption rates, and much more to monitor the success of your program..Fond has no item markups or additional fees, no point breakage, and no hidden fees. With Fond, you g...

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