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Focal Systems: Focal Systems accelerates your checkouts, streamlines your inventory, and doubles your staff's efficiency..According to an IHL study, 24% of Amazon’s revenue comes from customers who experienced an out-of-stock at a local retailer (source)..A Forrester Research study found that close to 50% of customers will purposely avoid a retailer in the future if they had to wait in line for longer than five minutes (source)..Customers want the store staff to be knowledgeable, friendly, and fast..Our Shelf Camera and Deep Learning Computer Vision track your On-Shelf Availability throughout your entire store 100+ times a day to provide:.30%+ increase in On-Shelf Availability.8% increase in sales.Instant Alerts on your "never be outs".On-Shelf Availability Analytics per hour.Up to 40% of stockers' labor hours become re-dployable.The Focal Product Recognition Camera retrofits your registers to accelerate your checkout speeds to get your shoppers out swiftly while decreasing shrink..Reduce checkout and self-checkout time by ~80%.Eliminate mis-scans for produce.Eliminate 53% of sweethearting.Eliminate 62% of shrink through Checkout.Focal's Stocker Action Tools and Staff Accountability Metrics allow...

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