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Flynn: It does everything you need, out of the box:.Deployment. Ops. Databases. Containers. Configuration management. Service discovery. Forget about all of them..Flynn is all you need to know..Flynn is a simple, turnkey solution to cloud, containers, ops, whatever you want to call it. Flynn manages all the technology you need under the surface. So you get all the benefits with none of the work or complexity..Get back to writing your app and running your business..And Flynn gets better everyday. We track the infrastructure space closely and regularly integrate new components and features, so you get the best technology without having to figure out how everything fits together..And like all good things, it's completely free..Users love your product and you're growing like crazy. Your engineering team is already stretched thin keeping up with growth..You're using more cloud instances, apps, containers, languages, frameworks, and databases..Your ops team (if you have one) is already under water trying to keep up..Flynn helps you breeze through those challenges..Developers can deploy with a single command straight from git. Operators manage a single platform instead of doing custom work befor...

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