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Flycrates: Order worldwide..Fill a crate here with the items you want.Check out securely with.Your crate is delivered via.Shoe box-sized max Select country for pricing.Backpack-sized 3 x Small Select country for pricing.Suitcase-sized 4 x Medium Select country for pricing.Instead of filling a cart on Amazon, you fill a crate here on Flycrates. Flycrates buys your Amazon items for you, then ships them to you..100%. You'll get a full refund if your order isn't delivered or made available for pickup at a nearby location..Flycrates only ships U.S. Prime items. Please check if the items you want are available on What's Prime?.No. Just add Amazon items to your crate right here, check out, and your crate is delivered..A crate is simply a box containing your items. Choose from 3 sizes, which you can fill for a fixed shipping price..You pay once, at checkout, using any Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, JCB, Discover or Diners Club card, or PayPal. Cash-on-delivery is not currently available..Unsafe, illegal or incompatible items are your responsibility. If in doubt, don't order them. Learn more.The main reason is customs, which makes international shipping slow and expensive. Learn more.N...

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