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Flugauto: Despite the cold weather in Michigan USA, the R&D team has successfully completed flight tests with one the earlier prototypes and tested the vertical take-off/ landing and horizontal flight, including transition. The team will now focus on maximizing flight time to collect valuable flight data, test component performance and validate design choices. All these data points will become important input for future iterations as we get closer to the commercially-ready UAV. Stay tuned for videos and further updates..Luxaviation has signed an MoU with Flugauto to help provide regulatory, safety, and training-management services to the VTOL startup company. Flugauto’s company vision includes development of the technology, operations, and infrastructure associated with its VTOL vehicle and its ability to deliver goods. Frank Noppel, CEO of Flugauto said: “We are excited here at Flugauto to partner with Luxaviation, with their tremendous regulatory and operational experience, to bring our innovative VTOL technology to the European markets and disrupt the global logistics space”..While discussions surrounding the VTOL market continue, Luxaviation noted existing hurdles within the industry. “T...

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